Poetry Chap book available now

Follow this link to Amazon. This ambitious collection of poetry and narrative aims to distinguish True Love from “other false models.” Torres presents a comtemplative experience, inviting readers to muse over contrasting romantic situations in analytical tones and dramatic rhymes. Torres explores various POVs and delivers additive information from the beloved heroes of the Chronicles … More Poetry Chap book available now

The Love Papers, sample chapter

After accidentally creating a virus that catalyzes rapid evolution of the human genome, Dr. Nikola Woolf is metamorphing into a fifth dimensional being, capable of traveling to parallel universes. But the complications of the experiment, a mission to define and escape love, may cost her life. While involuntarily traveling the Multiverse, Nikola learns that the … More The Love Papers, sample chapter

Sigil Magick and Symbolism

Sigil magick employs the language of the subconscious mind. Messages from the spirit realm often come in the form of dreams and visions. Divine Messengers often speak in riddles, using metaphors and allegories. Figurative language is what makes written stories come alive. But why? Symbols effciently convey multidimensional information.  Linear language can only express linear … More Sigil Magick and Symbolism