Energy Medicine

Hey, my name is Aka. I am currently training to become a Licensed Master Practitioner of Core Shamanism at Lightsong School of 21st Century Shamanism. Every month I attain new skills and am eager to practice on volunteers. Sessions are led by a collaboration between your guides and my spirit allies. They may include diagnostic journeys, extractions of dense energy, attachments, or intrusions. Any dense energies are replaced by Source energy. We may unravel thought forms and belief systems. We may retrieve and redirect lost vitality. Sometimes past/other lives come in. Power animals may come through, psychopomps or messages from lost loved ones. It is typical for your guides to come forward with messages. These sessions may take anywhere from 30-120 minutes, as needed.

Core Shamanism does not conflict with any religions. If you are open to being healed by Spirit, you are ready.

The suggested donation is $50-75. I am also open to energy exchanges.

Coming soon: 

  • Compassionate Spirit Releases  (deposessions)
  • Curse Unraveling
  • Clearing Spaces

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